Apple to launch largest iPhone ever this fall

Apple to launch largest iPhone ever this fall

Apple launched the 10th anniversary iPhone X at its September event previous year, billing it as the 'future of the smartphone'. In last year's Q4, only 77.3 million handsets were sold, while analysts' expectations stood at 80.2 million iPhones.

Apple is also planning to bring a cheaper variant of the iPhone X as well.

Gene Munster, co-founder of Loup Ventures and Apple's close watcher said, "This is a big deal".

The new phones could revive the screen size wars of years past at a time when smartphone makers are straining to come up with new features to lure buyers in a saturated market. "We saw that with the iPhone 6, and we think this is setting up to be a similar step up in growth".

Apple declined to confirm the revelations. The shares gained 2.1 percent to $179.18 at 2:16 NY.

The large iPhone model, codenamed D33, is Apple's attempt to appeal to consumers looking for the multitasking abilities of the phone-tablet hybrids called phablets, according to Bloomberg. A 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display- this is expected to be the cheapest of the bunch. This model will also include Face ID.

If you haven't heard already, Apple is supposedly working on a super-sized iPhone X that it might launch this autumn.

Adding weight to the leak is the fact that earlier rumours also claimed that, while Apple now uses Samsung as its supplier for OLED displays, it's planning to switch to LG's OLED facility for its 2018 iPhone models.

Bloomberg has just published some information today about the Apple plans for 2018, future iPhone smartphones, which will be most probably presented by Apple in September, as it tradition says. With the new plans, Apple plans to lure back iPhone users with a lineup that offers a model for every taste. With the addition of an appealing color, the tech giant is hopeful of getting a boost in sales, especially in Asia. Looks like now Apple will also include that color option in upcoming iPhones.

In at least some regions, Apple is considering offering a dual-SIM card option for the larger model. This would let people use their phones on multiple carriers without having to switch cards. There is a chance Apple may hold out this feature and wait for the E-SIM instead. A dual-SIM capability would provide a compromise. The iPhone X, on the other hand, is a radical redesign with edge-to-edge display and improved facial recognition technology.

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