YouTube enables automatic captions for live broadcasts

YouTube enables automatic captions for live broadcasts

Google is improving its live streaming service to make it more accessible and "sticky" to users. It's introducing new ways to watch live videos and interact with the community in real time. The live chat replay will be placed next to the video, just like in the original stream. Live chat replays will appear exactly as they did during the live stream, of course minus the ability to interact with the stream yourself. Super Chat is currently available on both the desktop and Android versions of YouTube, with iOS support now being rolled out. "With our new technology of automatic speech recognition (LASR) you will get subtitles, error rate and delay that are close to industry standards". Live chat replays will show up beside the video and play back in sync while you're watching.

The Live streaming feature on YouTube has been around since quite a few years now.

Lastly, YouTube also introduced Location Tagging to Live videos. But it's certainly better than nothing if you want to make things convenient for viewers and maximize your live stream audience. Users meanwhile will be able to explore other videos that are in the same location by clicking on the tag. "We will launch this feature in the coming weeks, and then will improve its accuracy and speed", reads the official YouTube blog.

"When professionally provided captions aren't available, our new live automatic captions provide creators a quick and low-priced way to make live streams accessible to more people", Wilms wrote.

The Super Chat include, which gives fans a chance to purchase consideration by getting their message featured in a talk stream, now works with IFTTT. Super Chat released on desktop and android previous year.

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