America snubbed as North Korea cancelled planned meeting with VP Pence

CNN reports that Trump gave the meeting a green light, "with the caveat that the United States wouldn't back off its stated demand that Pyongyang abandon its nuclear weapons".

Pyongyang has warned it would not sit idle if the United States and South Korea push ahead with the postponed military exercises.

Last September, the UN Security Council passed a resolution that banned UN member states from engaging in ship-to-ship transfer with North Korea-flagged vessels. The foreign ministry insisted the North's dialogue with the outside is the "major pillar" for any significant progress in the region.

"The president made a decision that if they wanted to talk, we would deliver our uncompromising message". "We're using large sticks".

South Korean goaltender Shin So-jung said focusing on training helped them come together as a team.

Trump threatened to rain "fire and fury" on North Korea and also called Kim Jong-un as a "Little Rocket Man", while North Korea denounced Trump as a "mentally deranged" U.S. dotard.

"The upcoming visit by adviser Ivanka is meant to celebrate the successful hosting of the Pyeongchang Olympics and highlight the mutual understanding of the South Korea-US alliance", Noh Kyu-duk, spokesman for the foreign ministry in Seoul, said Tuesday, according to the Yonhap news agency.

She added Vice President Mike Pence "was ready to take this opportunity to drive home the necessity of North Korea abandoning its illicit ballistic missile and nuclear programs".

However, North Korea reportedly objected to Pence's announcement of the sanctions, as well as his meeting with North Korean defectors at the White House last month. "South Korea alliance and celebrate the successful Games", the official said.

The Winter Olympics, meanwhile, have seen some tentative steps towards a partial resumption of diplomatic relations between North & South Korea.

The North Koreans canceled a meeting within two hours of the scheduled time, according to the Washington Post, which had earlier reported that Pence planned a secret meeting with Kim Yo Jong and Kim Yong Nam.

South Korea's unification ministry said Wednesday that it was aware of the latest report by USA -based North Korea analysis website, 38 North, that North Korea's experimental light water reactor appears to be nearing completion.

The Unification Ministry said earlier this month it approved a record budget of about $2.6 million to host the 418 North Korean delegates who didn't appear in competition - nearly $6,200 each.

Four Chinese characters, reading "Min Ning De You 078" - meaning "Fujian Province, Ningde City, oil tanker 078" in English - were on the small vessel, it said.

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