Smartphone Battery Explodes After Man Tries Biting It For Some Reason

Smartphone Battery Explodes After Man Tries Biting It For Some Reason

According to a report from Taiwan News, a man went into a third-party retailer to get his battery replaced but wanted to check the authenticity of the battery by biting into it. The blast occurred inches from the face of the man who bitten it. The battery explodes. You're probably thinking that this can't be real.

The battery explodes and ball of flame engulfs the man and his female companion. It is believed that the man chose to bite on the battery in an attempt to test its authenticity or durability, possibly following the same logic as people testing if an item is made from real gold.

Fortunately for everyone involved, no one was injured. However, these are not the only causes that can result in battery explosion incidents.

But Chinese electronics stores are infamous for stocking fake components.

Chew on this: A man in China decides he needs to verify if a smartphone battery is legit ― so he bites it?!?!? The company originally posted it last week, claiming that the man in the footage was trying to test whether the battery was genuine or not. While counterfeit or faulty batteries are prone to catching fire or exploding, biting a battery is not going to reveal its durability or authenticity - and most batteries will explode if sufficiently damaged. "The battery is not gold, why are you biting it?" one Chinese commenter chided online. Please don't bite them!

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