Taylor Swift's "End Game" video is a jet-set party

Feast your eyes on the first look of Taylor Swift's video for End Game

Anyway, evidently Taylor's label think it's one of her best because they've just given "End Game" a big budget video clip, complete with cameos from Sheeran and Future.

After enjoying the "End Game" visual, check out featured artist (and shot-taker) Ed Sheeran talk about his friend and collaborator Taylor Swift and the men she's been linked to. "Ready For It?" music video and the symbolic "Look What You Made Me Do". In fact, in the video for Reputation she throws more shade than a fat guy on a sunny day.

If you didn't catch the video when it dropped on the night of January 11, NBD. In case you forgot, TayTay has a song titled New Year's Eve on Reputation, where she talks about being all in with a beau. In "End Game", there's only so much to draw from a few oblique references, but that didn't stop fans from going full Harriet the Spy. We'll just leave this gif of Taylor Swift winking at us right here and wait for more juicy fan theories from you guys.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, the video finds the singer and her entourage in Tokyo, Miami and London. Meredith and Olivia happen to be the names of Swift's two cats, not her ex's new lovers. Spoiler alert, Katy Perry didn't make an appearance, but lucky for us, Ed Sheeran and Future did. Affable and spacious, "End Game" stands out on an album primarily defined by an atmosphere of chilly, brittle isolation.

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