India, China to soon have hotline, says Army Chief Bipin Rawat

India, China to soon have hotline, says Army Chief Bipin Rawat

Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat on Friday asserted that Indian army is well prepared to deal with any emerging threat from the Chinese side. Terrorists are a disposable commodity in Pakistan and the Indian Army approach has been to ensure that it feels the pain, he said.

Acknowledging the suspension of military aid to Pakistan by the US, General Rawat averred it was premature to talk how much of an impact it would have on Pakistan, India and the extended neighborhood. If we will have to really confront the Pakistanis, and a task is given to us and the country gives us a task, we are not going to say that we can not cross the border because they have nuclear weapons. "We will continue till infiltration levels come down", he said.

Addressing the media here, Gen Rawat said the time had come for India to shift focus to its northern border and the country was capable of handling China's assertiveness along it.

Gen Rawat suggested a revamp of the education system in Jammu and Kashmir to stop youth from drifting towards jihad.

The Army Chief said a hotline will help resolve incidents such as transgressions along the border promptly. He said the road construction had been on in Doklam since 2000 but the Chinese soldiers had come close to Tosa Bala, dividing north and south Doklam in June previous year just before the India-China standoff started. Chinese troops were very well equipped.

Commenting on recent developments in US-Pakistan relations, Rawat emphasized the US can not expect from India to do its job in the region.

Speaking about cyber security, he said that the Army was concerned about cyber and information warfare and stressed on the need for the security establishment to have good firewalls and systems in place. "We returned to our side on the watershed and the Chinese moved by an equal distance", he said.

"The other issue is the madarsas and masjids - what is being informed to them (the students) or incorrectly informed to them is through the madarsas and masjids". "Unlike conventional warfare, CBRN combat requires operating in a highly unpredictable environment, where functioning of man and machine in ideal harmony would be desirable", he said.

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