EU to meet Iran to reaffirm deal support

EU to meet Iran to reaffirm deal support

"In parallel we should focus on what Iran can do to help resolve the appaling crisis in Yemen, to help push forward a peace in Syria and to help resolve other questions in the region", said Boris Johnson.

Prior to that, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, said on Monday that Tehran might reconsider its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency if the U.S. reneged on sanctions relief. "Iran is fully complying with the commitments made under the agreement".

Why does Europe back the deal?

"We should separate two things from each other: we want to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran... and the hard role Iran has in the region", Gabriel said before a meeting with his counterparts from Iran, Britain, France and the EU's top diplomat.

"The United States must understand the unity of the worldwide community over the nuclear deal and change their position as a result", Zarif said, urging world powers to "resist the hostile actions" of the Trump administration. "And we expect all parties to continue to fully implement this agreement".

"I don't think anybody has so far produced a better a way of preventing the Iranians from going ahead with the acquisition of their military nuclear capability", he said. "Iran must vigorously apply its engagements", deputy foreign ministry spokesman Alexandre Giorgini said.

What does Mr Trump want to change?

"The deal is working".

Hailed by Obama as key to stopping Iran from building a nuclear bomb, the deal lifted economic sanctions in exchange for Tehran limiting its nuclear ambitions.

He accused Iran of "not living up to the spirit" of the nuclear agreement even though the International Atomic Energy Agency says Tehran is in fact in compliance.

Critics of the deal in Congress have also proposed amending legislation to ensure that USA sanctions would "snap back" automatically if Iran carried out certain actions.

A reluctant Trump is expected on Friday to waive a series of sanctions against Iran, as part of a deal to curb the Islamic republic's nuclear program.

The sanctions, which were suspended in 2016, had cut Iran's central bank out of the global financial system and imposed penalties for buying Iranian oil. A third United States official said Trump was expected by some officials to renew the sanctions waivers but stressed that no final decision had been made.

Zarif said the Iranian people "have every right" to all the "dividends" resulting from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Why is Iran's missile programme controversial?

"It's a campaign that we have carried on since October", referring to Trump's decision not to certify that Tehran is meeting the terms of a pact to stop it developing nuclear weapons.

Iran is capable of multiplying the pace of its nuclear activities, including uranium enrichment, Kamalvandi was quoted as saying by Press TV. "It is delivering on its goal, which is keeping the Iranian nuclear program in check".

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