Dallas County Reports Five New Flu-Related Deaths, Total Now at 23

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A strain dubbed "Japanese Flu" which is known to particularly affect children has been reported in the UK.

Emergency rooms are crowded and ambulances are in high demand.

Health website, verywell.com, says the symptoms of flu are typically similar no matter what the strain of influenza, but that "history has shown that seasons in which H3N2 influenza A is the dominant strain have been more severe". "We have been at widespread for the past three weeks". "Although influenza season usually peaks between December and February, flu activity can occur as late as May, which means it is not too late to get vaccinated".

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"In general, this year appears to be typical of one where influenza Type A - H3N2 - dominates", Werker said, noting that particular flu disproportionally affects seniors and young children.

Around 500 patients with flu and other respiratory viruses were admitted last week to the eight hospitals across the country which are monitored to measure activity.

"Often people will wait for a few days before they seek medical attention, so after the first few days, the point is moot because they'll start to feel better", Townes says.

The Houston and Austin areas are also seeing high volumes of patients.

The Government's plan for flu pandemic stated: "Scientific modelling estimates that the United Kingdom could experience up to 750,000 additional deaths over the course of a pandemic".

Wayne State has won both the inauguralAlana Yaksich National College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' (MDHHS) 2017-18 Michigan College and University Flu Vaccination Challenge for medium-sized schools.

Australia is recovering from its worst flu outbreak on record with the number of people needing hospital treatment double that of past year.

Last week's survey ranked Iowa second nationwide in terms of flu activity. "They don't have the immunity, they have not been previously exposed to that virus". Rock Island County residents interested in getting a flu shot can call the health department at 794-7080.

The county's death total continues to rise, with 11 deaths reported this week by public health officials. Perkins advises those individuals to take special precautions.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority said it doesn't know how effective this year's vaccine is at battling influenza B.

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