Resurrection? Man wakes up after being declared 'dead' by three doctors

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Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez had been declared dead by three doctors after he was found unconscious in his prison cell.

Two doctors at the prison believed he had died and the court sent a forensic doctor from the judicial commission to officially declare his death.

Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, an inmate at a jail in Asturias, northern Spain, was put in a body bag and transferred to a hospital mortuary after he was discovered collapsed in his cell, according to Spanish media.

He was placed in a body bag where he was "resurrected" on the autopsy table after doctors saw the "corpse move" and heard him "snoring" and "wheezing" at around noon.

Hospital sources told Telecinco (via BBC) that it could just be a case of catalepsy, a nervous condition that leaves sufferers in a trance-like state while their body mimics the rigidity of a dead one. Often, the person's vital signs such as breathing and heartbeat drop to very low levels, so they are almost undetectable, even by doctors.

Relatives have been visiting him in hospital and are said to be feeling a mix of relief and indignation, although none of them have yet made any public comment.

That's why medical professionals declared him dead because his pulse was so faint that they couldn't detect it.

Authorities say they have no idea how the mix-up occurred.

La Voz de Asturias also reported that Montoya Jiménez was prescribed medication to control epilepsy symptoms, suggesting he may have suffered from the condition.

The first words Jiménez uttered after his awakening were about his wife, and he asked if he could see her. He may have missed taking his medicine in the past few weeks due to the unpredictability of prison, the family said. Doctors said his brain was deprived of oxygen for a while, but he is able to speak and remember things, which are both good signs.

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