LG's take on the Google Assistant-powered smart display is pretty boring

Dish Network DVR Google Assistant support will bring Hands Free TV

Right now, there was no mention of recording, but that limitation is also with Alexa.

Google Home users will get a slightly more powerful set of voice commands for their TiVo.

The new range of products and security systems will provide support for Google Assistant, which will allow homeowners to configure lighting, plugs and other home utilities through the Assistant's smartphone app. This means, once you've told Google Home to talk to your TiVo, you can use natural language to search for any upcoming programming or recordings.

You will be able to work with Insteon devices using Google Assistant by making use of Google Home, Android smartphones, iPhones and any other Android-powered gadgets.

TiVo also announced an If This Then That (IFTTT) channel for its DVRs, which will further expand what you can do with your TiVo. With these integrations, millions of new smart home devices are being connected to the Assistant every month, so you can stay in control, whether you want to heat up the house, check on the laundry or make sure you locked the back door. It's much like the Echo Show so you can say Amazon started the smart display trend albeit it has issues with Google.

2018, Microsoft dashed rumors about axing the consumer-facing portion of Cortana and confirmed that the digital assistant will be made available on more devices in 2018.

Dish announced today that it has been working on integrating Google Home and Google Assistant into its TV service, fleshing out the options for controlling a TV with your voice.

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