Google Merges Android Pay And Google Wallet Into "Google Pay"

Google Merges Android Pay And Google Wallet Into

Not only does it bring your Android Pay and Google Wallet apps together, it also brings in Chrome's autofill payment info in consideration. After years of brainstorming - Google finally has had the genius idea of unifying both these platforms under a single brand. This new service is created to automatically retrieve payment details from the Google ecosystem, reducing checkout to a couple of clicks.

Google's unified payment platform is effectively like Apple Pay, a unified service that Apple customers can use on websites, apps, and in stores. Google says you'll see Google Pay everywhere in the coming weeks, and it's already accepted on sites like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, and Instacart. So, Google tried several times and finally chose to give us a one for all payment service.

In a blog post, the company mentioned that they've worked hard to make shopping experiences, "experiences simpler, safer, and more consistent".

Dave Glaser, chief product officer, Global eCom at Worldpay - one of the official launch partners for Google Pay - says: "Google Pay addresses one of the biggest barriers for mobile commerce today - the inconvenience of entering card details".

While Android Pay is Google's high-profile payments app, Google Wallet is its peer-to-peer payments solution. Instead, Google opted to go a different path by launching Google Tez, an app that now lets you make bill payments. Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

The combined user base of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and the new Google Pay is expected to exceed 500 million by 2021, Juniper Research predicts. With Google Tez, users can pay directly from their bank accounts which means, there's no need to open a separate account or worry about reloading wallets.

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