Radiohead Denies Suing Lana Del Rey Over Copyright (but Still Wants Credit)

Radiohead 2012

Radiohead have no plans to sue Lana Del Rey over claims that she copied their song Creep, according to the band's publishers.

Lana Del Rey will be hoping she can get free from this situation amicably. "Their lawyers have been relentless, so we will deal with it in court".

Now the band's music publisher has issued a statement disputing the existence of a lawsuit.

"As Radiohead's music publisher, it's true that we've been in discussions since August of past year with Lana Del Rey's representatives", read the statement. "To set the record straight, no lawsuit has been issued and Radiohead have not said they "will only accept 100%" of the publishing of "Get Free".

Lana Del Rey, known for her spacey musical compositions that have featured collaborations from hip-hop superstars like The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, is in a whole bunch of trouble with the attorneys representing living musical legends Radiohead.

Meanwhile, Lana has cancelled her show in Kansas City after coming down with the flu.

Radiohead were actually sued by The Hollies over Creep's resemblance to their song, The Air That I Breathe. The band was said to want songwriting credit, money or both.

"The irony of this is that Radiohead doesn't even completely own "Creep"," he explains.

Musician Owen Pallett observed that Radiohead's allegations are most likely to be based on the chord progression in the song's respective verses.

The US star is the latest high-profile artist to be accused of copying someone else's song. with a pair of songwriters after similarities were found between his song Photograph and X Factor victor Matt Cardle's hit incredible. She even said that this legal drama could force her to cut the song from the album.

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