Overwatch League Partners With Twitch In Two-Year Broadcast Deal

Overwatch League Partners With Twitch In Two-Year Broadcast Deal

Players tuning in to Twitch during live matches will also be eligible to receive various in-game items as rewards, and though we don't know what the awards might include, the Overwatch League team plans to release more information about different rewards soon.

The Overwatch League is scheduled to begin on January 10. This takes you to a screen where you can see the upcoming matches for the game.

The new menu for purchasing Overwatch League skins.

You'll be able to purchase them with a new type of currency. The profits earned from these special skins sales-technically, $5 per skin-directly provide monetary support to both the teams and the developers. Also, the league skins are important because it allows you to represent your favorite team in the league. Everyone has received the team logos and the league logo spray for free. Among those, the Los Angeles Valiant announced on Tuesday that it will compete at the Microsoft Theater in LA Live starting in Season 3, which is owned by one of its investor groups, Anschutz Entertainment Group. San Francisco Shock Torbjörn. Today Blizzard has launched the new content alongside the new skins. Home-team "jerseys" are now available for all 12 teams and all 26 Heroes. If for some reason you felt inclined to buy every single one of these new skins, it would cost you just shy of $1,200. The most expensive bundle, meanwhile, costs $100 and comes with a whopping 2,600 League Tokens to spend.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Blizzard has put team skins for each of the Pacific or Atlantic aligned teams for characters into Overwatch.

No matter the reason, Twitch's Overwatch deal is another step on the road to ensuring that Activision's new league hits the ground running. Any Overwatch player that logs in between now and February 13 will be gifted with 100 League Tokens, which is just enough to buy one League skin. Click through to the patch notes to read all of the fine details.

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