New Xbox One update Adds The "Do Not Disturb" Option

New Xbox One update Adds The

It also seems that these systems will incorporate achievements in some way, rewarding experience points that contribute toward levels in your overarching career. Well, pretty soon that won't be a problem with the new "do not disturb" feature that's coming to Xbox One.

Microsoft has announced that they're introducing a Do Not Disturb feature that'll hopefully discourage people from sending unwanted messages and invites. PS4 already gave its user a feature "appearing offline" that performs the same task.

There are a few other changes expected to roll out to Xbox One users alongside this, including some new additions to the Guide menu relating to your achievements and the games you're playing. Judging from several rumours lately, the company are working hard to expand their portfolio of games for the console, and according to Thexvlog on Twitter, one of the companies working on this is Electric Square, who are allegedly bringing "life to a new game based on a globally recognized property from Microsoft Game Studios". Although the website is not publicly accessible at the moment, the website may further describe how the upcoming Career system would work with Xbox Achievements.

We're also getting Mini Game Hubs, which allow access to content from recently played games from a Game Hub without needing to exit whatever game you are playing. Through this gadget, players can get knowledge of upcoming Achievements and Look for Group posts, without opening a full-screen application.

The update, version 1802.180105-1503, will soon advance through the various Xbox Insider rings. Gaming community will be very pleased with the new updates.

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