Samsung intros new Family Hub smart fridge in Las Vegas

Samsung intros new Family Hub smart fridge in Las Vegas

The system was made even smarter when Samsung added Bixby to the Family Hub fridge and other appliances a year ago.

Ltd. today unveiled the next generation of its award-winning Family Hub refrigerator, continuing to pioneer and redefine the refrigerator category. It can help you stay connected, organized, and entertained.

Samsung announced the plan to put its voice assistant into its TVs and Hub fridges a year ago. "The integration of Bixby and SmartThings into the Family Hub is bringing a new level of intelligent connectivity into the room where people spend the most time: the kitchen".

SAMSUNG has revealed a next-gen version of its Family Hub smart refrigerator that can give you recipes based on what's inside your fridge. It works with the SmartThings app controlled on your phone. You can answer your Ring doorbell through the refrigerator screen, for example, seeing who is standing at your doorstep in the process. Users can adjust the thermostat, switch off smart bulbs and even leave a note for family members from the screen on the fridge.

Family Hub helps consumers manage food, with the View Inside app that enables users to see inside the fridge from anywhere. So the morning readout that happens when you ask "Hi Bixby, what's new?" will theoretically feature the correct calendar appointments and not someone else's. Samsung is also adding two new software to the fridge - a Meal Planner and Deals app, for dietary management and checking bargains on groceries respectively. Users can access millions of songs through various music streaming platforms and live radio apps, and mirror their Samsung Smart TV1.

Family Hub is a smart fridge that knows your needs.

If you don't fancy hearing all the awful meetings you have coming up then you might want to use the speaker system, which can stream music directly from your connected smartphone to be broadcast through the high-quality AKG speakers built into the doors.

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