HTC announces Vive Pro headset, wireless Vive adaptor

Is HTC Going To Unveil A 4K Vive VR Headset At CES 2018

According to a leaked press release, the new HTC Vive Pro virtual reality headset will feature two OLED displays that are capable of displaying 2880 x 1600 pixel images spread over both eyes. Samsung uses the displays in its Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality HMD, and it provides the same panels to other OEMs.

The next generation of headsets might include even more advanced technologies like eye-tracking, which could allow ultra high resolution rendering of graphics at the exact point on the screen where users are looking. In mid-2017, Valve announced that the second generation of its Steam VR Tracking system was in development and would debut at the end of the year.

Trackable Space: The HTC Vive sensors and software can now track a 10ft x 10ft cube. Consumer Technology Association forecasted Monday the VR market will see record growth in 2018 with AR/VR headsets and eyewear selling 4.9 million units in the USA in 2018 (a more than 25 percent increase from 2017). It also adds integrated headphones and, thankfully, still works with all the current Vive content already available. It also comes with a new head strap, which looks nearly identical to the Vive Deluxe Audio strap.

In addition, the Vive Pro sports a new head strap that promises to be more comfortable.

HTC said Vive Pro will be available to existing customers in Q1 2018, and a developer version will be available after. HTC revealed the HTC Vive Pro which comes with higher resolutions and Vive Pro Audio.

While HTC hasn't released pricing or availability information, the Vive Pro is positioned as a more premium product, and will likely be more expensive than the original Vive, which retails for $600 after a big price cut.

They also reported that the Vive Pro would include on-board speakers, not stating whether they'll be on-ear headphones like the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, or hidden projection speakers similar to those on the Vive Focus headset. The new headset would also be available as a full kit, presumably with updated base stations, later this year.

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