AMD unveils speedy processors and graphics chips for 2018

AMD Announces Desktop and Mobile Ryzen APUs Cuts Ryzen Prices Updates CPU and GPU Roadmaps at CES 2018

In the second quarter, Ryzen Pro Mobile parts-more or less identical to the regular Ryzen Mobile parts but with the lifecycle guarantees that enterprise buyers often demand for their fleets-will be released.

The Ryzen 5 2400G is a four-core, eight-thread APU with a base clock of 3.6GHz and a boost clock of 3.9GHz; the Ryzen 3 2200G starts at 3.5GHz and boosts up to 3.7GHz, and has four cores and four threads.

All of the U-series models are paired with integrated Vega graphics cards, but more interesting to power users is AMD's unveiling of the first discrete GPUs for laptops based on the Vega architecture. That's a big salvo aimed at its rival Intel, the world's biggest chip maker.

Prior to this, the AMD Ryzen 2 was expected to arrive in February as it was indicated in a leaked roadmap of the manufacturer, but it turns out the company needs more time.

AMD has used CES to lay out its plans for 2018. This year, Vega will be getting a 7nm refresh, specifically to compete with Nvidia on the machine learning and AI front. These APUs are a continuation of what AMD brought to the table with Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 for mobile, except with lower core/thread counts and lower GPU compute unit counts.

"We successfully accomplished the ambitious goals we set for ourselves in 2017, reestablishing AMD as a high-performance computing leader with the introduction and ramp of 10 different product families", said AMD President and CEO Lisa Su, in a statement. And even though we don't know exactly when Vega 7nm will hit stores, we do know that AMD plans to release its new CPUs in April 2018.

AMD will also be introducing the new high-end X470 chipset alongside the new Ryzen Desktop 2000 series processors. AMD has confirmed that this design is complete and says that it improves on Zen in "multiple dimensions".

Moving on to the mobile side of things, where AMD also made a bunch of announcements, starting with the launch of Ryzen 3 APUs for mobile systems.

AMD had quite a successful year in 2017 thanks to its Ryzen processors and the company is planning to continue the momentum by releasing the second-generation Ryzen processors later this year.

AMD is also working on a production-level machine learning software environment, Radeon Open eCosystem Compute Platform (RocM) 1.7.

With this second generation version on the Ryzen 2000-series processors it's much more opportunistic and will aim for the highest possible frequency, with increased granularity, by constantly checking against CPU temperature, load, and current.

And for graphics performance, going by 3DMark 11 benchmarks, the Ryzen 7 Pro is around 125% faster than that Intel processor. Those chips will go into business laptops and ultrathin commercial notebooks. The company says the Ryzen 5 2400G will play games at full HD resolution at frame rates much better than you'd see from the Intel Core i5-8400, and the Ryzen 3 2200G will similarly tower over the Core i3-8100.

The PC Gaming channel is presented by Intel's Game Dev program. Radeon RX Vega owners will be able to run Far Cry 5 at exceptional fidelity, with stunning frame rates and lovely image quality, AMD said.

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