Passenger 'smearing feces' causes United Airlines flight to redirect

The flight was on its way to Hong Kong when it was diverted to Anchorage Alaska

United Airlines passengers were left in an extremely unpleasant situation on Thursday night when their Chicago-to-Hong Kong flight made an emergency landing in Alaska after a man smeared faeces all over the plane's bathrooms.

Staci Feger-Pellessier, the public affairs specialist and media representative for the Anchorage F.B.I. office, said officials were notified that "an unruly passenger had caused some kind of disturbance" on the plane. According to KTVA-TV, United Airlines flight 895 had to make the emergency stop at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage on January 4. No injuries were reported.

The flight was diverted due to "a disruptive passenger", United Airlines said in a statement, adding that the said passenger was handed over to authorities at Anchorage and was reportedly cooperative.

"After the interviews were done, there were no appropriate charges for anything criminal", Gamache said. Holler, and was being taken to Providence Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

The passenger, whose name was not released, was shirtless when authorities met the flight in Alaska, Gamache said.

The police said the man, a U.S. resident of Vietnamese origin, made no threats.

Much of what the man said was unintelligible or did not make sense, even to the translator, Gamache said.

United Airlines said there were 245 people on board the plane and said it provided hotel accommodations for its customers.

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