OnePlus Announces the Limited Edition OnePlus 5T Sandstone White

OnePlus Announces the Limited Edition OnePlus 5T Sandstone White

OnePlus on Thursday announced that it will release the OnePlus 5T next week in a new "Sandstone White" color.

Unlike previous white OnePlus phones, the 5T retains the black front and keeps the white to just the back and sides. Only the 8GB RAM/ 128GB inbuilt storage variant will be sold.

The OnePlus 5T in sandstone white will go on sale January 9 at 10 am EST for $559/£499/€559 in the US, UK, and Europe, respectively. The white model joins the Midnight Black color option that has been available since the 5T's initial launch in November of past year.

After that, the phones are sandblasted with a mixture of white oil paint and minerals to give it its white finish and sandstone texture. As a result, it is the most expensive-to-produce phone the company has ever made, though its price remains the same as the black 5T in the same configuration. To emphasize the passion built around this particular version of its products, OnePlus released a hearty teaser that reproduces some of the most endearing statements about the sandstone texture. Called Sandstone White, it combines the texture from the classic Sandstone Black phone finishes with the brilliant white colour of the limited Silk White OnePlus One from four years ago.

The iconic notification switch is a ripe, saturated red color, and it shows up extremely well against the black and white theme. I do wish that the volume rocker, power button, and SIM tray were also red or white, but they are the same black as the standard model.

The OnePlus 5T would end up being one of the most impressive smartphones of 2017, and now OnePlus is about to make a special version of the phone available in a new color for a limited time.

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