WWE star suspended following charges for battery to wife

Rich Swann mugshot

A professional wrestler was arrested in Florida early Sunday after police said he put his wife in a headlock and dragged her into his vehicle. The alleged victim in this instance is Vannarah Riggs, Swann's wife, and a fellow wrestler who performs on the indie scene as Su Yung. As things heated, Swann allegedly put Yung in a headlock and shoved her back into his vehicle after she'd gotten out to walk away.

Swann's wife reportedly ran from the auto and Swann emerged to follow her while yelling for his wife to return to the vehicle.

"WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Rich Swann has been indefinitely suspended following his arrest". What's insane is Swann's auto was still moving when he hopped out to chase down Riggs, and it ended up hitting a telephone pole.

Swann was allegedly critiquing his wife's performance that night and was getting angry while talking to her.

Swann claims that he did not physically touch Riggs and said that he chased her due to her having the Global Positioning System and wanting to return home. Sadly, if the charges against him hold up, it would appear that the smiling Swann character might be nothing more than a facade. He allegedly said that Yung had Global Positioning System on her phone, so he needed her to come back in the auto.

Despite claims by Swann that he did not physically touch Riggs, with the details that have been revealed about the incident, it does not look good for the high-flying, dancing WWE entertainer.

Swann and Yung have been married for nine months after being in a romantic relationship for about five years.

An Alachua County jail representative told ABC News that Swann made an appearance before a judge and is set to be released on his own recognizance on Sunday.

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