Ready Player One Trailer: Overwatch, Battletoads, and More

Ready Player One Trailer: Overwatch, Battletoads, and More

Unlike some filmmakers, the good news if you aren't a fan of Steven Spielberg's latest film, another one is right around the corner.

In the newest trailer that premiered Sunday morning, we're introduced to a dystopian future in which the human population is at an all-time high, strangling the world's cities and forcing everyone to build up instead of out, creating precariously-crafted apartment towers that house the residents of the year 2045.

From your very first viewing, you can already catch numerous pop culture cameos within the film. The victor will become the richest person on Earth and also get control of OASIS.

Here's the Warner Bros. breakdown of what to expect from Ready Player One.

With the world on the brink of chaos and collapse. We also get two of the story's most important characters, Mark Rylance's James Halliday, whose "Easter Egg" hunt sets off the greatest tournament ever announced, and with Ben Mendelsohn's Sorrento, the head of the corporation who is waging a war for control of the "world's most important economic resource". Three-time Academy Award victor, Spielberg ("Schindler's List", "Saving Private Ryan") directed "Ready Player One", which is based on Ernest Cline's bestseller of the same name, which has become a worldwide phenomenon ($10 at Amazon). The hero, a poverty-stricken teenager named Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan, who recently played young Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse), has a more distorted and very blue OASIS avatar - which goes by "Parzival", his OASIS username - while the avatar of presumably Art3mis (Olivia Cooke from Bates Motel) resembles a red elf creature. "It's true. I can't talk about it too much, but there's no better inspiration for a writer [than] to return to a world they've already worked on when they're watching Steven Spielberg bring that world to life".

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