Taylor Swift Is A Time Person Of The Year

Taylor Swift Is A Time Person Of The Year

This time, it's about the collective voices that have irrevocably changed our culture.

A little while ago, Donald Trump, who Time made Person Of The Year last year, tweeted that Time had offered to grant him the same honor again this year but that he'd have to sit for an interview and a photo shoot. It's actually a group of people, whom the magazine has dubbed "the silence breakers". Women like Taylor Swift, Susan Fowler, Adama Iwu, Ashley Judd, and Isabel Pascual all among those who make up "The Silence Breakers", the people who stood up to sexual predators and are now being recognized for "giving voice to open secrets, for moving whisper networks onto social networks, for pushing us all to stop accepting the unacceptable".

You may be thinking that it's a gatefold cover and someone fell victim to some bad cropping or someone just completely forgot to put their elbow out of the shot.

The image is now a symbol of all the women and men out in the world who are unable to speak up about their experiences with sexual assault because it may negatively impact their lives.

The #MeToo movement gained momentum after The New York Times published a harrowing exposé featuring several women who publicly accused the most powerful producer in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, of sexual assault and harassment.

TIME editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal unveiled the cover of the magazine's 91st edition on Wednesday on the Today Show. What ensued next was a tidal wave of individuals who finally felt empowered enough to share their traumatic experiences and name their accusers.

"This reckoning appears to have sprung up overnight", the Time feature states. Women have had it with bosses and co-workers who not only cross boundaries but don't even seem to know that boundaries exist.

Whilst speaking to Buzzfeed News, Time National Correspondent Charlotte Alter went on to explain that, "a huge part of this story we're trying to tell here is that as much as the stigma around this has been removed this year because of the "Me Too" movement, it's still really hard for a lot of people to come forward".

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