Google shuts chrome apps section for Mac and Windows users

Google is killing Chrome Apps for desktops for good

As the web giant focuses on extensions and web apps, Chrome Apps are no longer available to download on the Chrome Web Store.

To allow your PC to be accessed, you'll need to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension from the Chrome Web Store. ChromeStory has found the web portal for Chrome Remote Desktop at, where it appears to have options to both gain access to someone's device, or give access to your device to someone else for tech support. Its notable that Chrome Apps still appear to have capabilities PWAs will not have, and it appears Google wishes to plug that gap first. Some packaged apps were able to take advantage of USB-connected hardware, but if Google's figures are right, it seems like not many people cared for them. Apps will be gone in Q1 of 2018 and it'll be Q2 or Q3 before Chrome rolls out PWA desktops. You might have already seen some of these on your mobile device: they're sites that get a full-screen immersive interface, push notifications, and an icon on your home screen. "We will be removing support for packaged and hosted apps from Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux over the next two years". Google hasn't announced anything yet for Chrome OS, but it's likely that Chrome apps might go away, too. Existing apps will continue to work and receive updates. The major difference between chrome web apps and PWAs are the Progressive web apps are cross-platform and cross-browser, while the Chrome apps are limited to Google's browser. An example of a PWA is a website that can display webpages in fullscreen. The Chrome browser will continue to load packaged and hosted apps on Windows, Mac and Linux.

While Progressive Web Apps are being held up by many in the industry as the next wave of application development, they appear to be a solution looking for a problem which was already solved by running Android apps on ChromeOS.

Now Google has sent an email to developers saying that the depreciation of Chrome Apps in favour of PWA is being delayed.

Google removes apps from Chrome web browser.

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