World's Largest Starbucks Opening In Shanghai, China


The company opened a 30,000-square-foot Reserve Roastery in Shanghai, its flashiest commitment to its growing Chinese business.

Customers can also use Augmented Reality technology to see the coffee making process in their smart phones, and use mobile payment. Shanghai location is Starbucks' biggest store to date, and also its most advanced digitally.

China has become Starbucks' second largest and fastest growing market, and one the company expects to eclipse the US market one day.

Starbucks opened its first Roastery in Seattle in 2014.

On offer will be around 80 new coffee and tea products unique to the store and dominating the new Roastery will be a two-story copper roasting cask adorned with more than 1,000 traditional Chinese chops, or stamps, narrating the story of Starbucks and coffee.

The Roastery is a window into Starbucks' future as the coffee chain attempts to bolster its premium image.

As executive chairman Howard Schultz notes, Starbucks' success in China presents an unparalleled opportunity for the global consumer brand.

One of the three coffee bars is 88 feet long.

In 2012, Starbucks China has operated the China Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Pu'er in the Yunnan Province, supplying agronomists to work in concert with government representatives and local farmers to improve quality and production through the region. In July, Starbucks announced the closure of 379 Teavana outlets across the country. Available on the custom-designed Roastery digital web app platform and Alibaba's Taobao app, the AR platform will incorporate a digital menu and share details of the coffee bars and brewing methods, in addition to other online and offline experiences.

Same-store sales at USA cafes were up 2% for the quarter ended 1 October, while sales in China were up 8%. Sales there were up 8% compared with the same quarter past year.

Starbucks Coffee Company has pulled out all the stops in Shanghai, opening the second location of its interactive, multi-sensory Starbucks Reserve Roastery format. Starbucks China CEO Belinda Wong told reporters that a new one opens every 15 hours.

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