Rapper and retiree meet after bonding over Words with Friends

NATION-NOW     22-year-old rapper meets the 81-year-old woman he befriended on Words With Friends     
       Man 22 meets 81-year-old Words With Friends partner

A Scrabble-like gaming app, players can be matched up with either pre-existing friends or strangers, and Guttman and Sleyon-then strangers-were paired up.

Pastor Amy Butler, of the Riverside Church in Manhattan, helped Spencer arrange a trip to Florida to meet Roz, according to the Miami Herald.

A young man from Harlem, New York, Spencer travelled to visit 86-year-old Roz, who lives in a retirement home in Florida after meeting her online.

It was a heartwarming meeting between two people who built a friendship by playing the online game, "Words with Friends".

But the pair have formed an unlikely friendship through their Words With Friends battles.

"So last summer I randomly met this 80yo woman on Words With Friends".

"We played [300-plus] games together, and [Roz] actually ended up becoming a good friend of mine", Tweeted Sleyon.

On Friday, Sleyon flew from NY to West Palm Beach to meet his online friend.

Spencer and Rosalind met for the first time over the weekend. "Today I got to go to florida and meet her in person", Sleyon said on Friday in a tweet that now has over one million likes.

Sleyon told The Root that Roz was his "best friend".

Words With Friends also called the story "amazing" on Twitter.

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