Missing Florida teen has 'emotional reunion' with family

Soccer Mom

Frisina was discovered to have left her Lake City home with Rian Rodriguez, 27, her soccer coach.

During the family's statement, the girl held her father, Rodd Frisina, closely and nestled under his chin, eyes closed.

Columbia County deputies say after 4pm, a New York State police officer spotted the red Mercury, Frisina and Rian Rodriquez were traveling in. According to FOX 30 News in Jacksonville, Rodriguez has been taken into custody in the Syracuse area.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office confirmed a missing teenager who is believed to have ran away with a soccer coach was found safe on Friday.

A missing Florida teenage girl has been found safe, authorities said Friday, almost one week after she allegedly left home with a local soccer coach 10 years her senior.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.

Scarlet Frisina, the teen's mother told CBS News on Friday, "I know that she to some degree left on her own". But investigators said she was unharmed. Authorities say she apparently sneaked out of her bedroom window and had been missing since Saturday.

Officials at Fort White High School have suspended Rodriguez.

Frisina and Rodriguez were spotted on cameras in Georgia on Sunday and then at a pawn shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Authorities said earlier this week it appeared "a potential relationship" was blossoming between Frisina and Rodriguez before the teen's disappearance.

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