Life is unusual voice actors are back for bonus episode

Life is strange Before the Storm EP 2 Screenshots

With the voice actor strike ending in September, it has allowed the original Life is odd voice actors to reprise their respective roles in a bonus episode for Before the Storm.

Let's be honest, Rhianna DeVries has done an exceptional job of voicing younger Chloe following the voice actors strike which meant that Ashly Burch couldn't reprise her role as the character she helped bring to life. She also provided the voice of Chloe while the voice actor strike was in progress, which prevented Ashly Burch from reprising her role.

Now, Life is odd fans have a special surprise ahead of them.

"We're very excited to tell you that Before the Storm's bonus episode "Farewell" will be releasing in early 2018 and in even more exciting news; Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch will be returning to play Max and Chloe!" No official release date has been announced otherwise for Farewell, although players can already purchase the Deluxe Edition or upgrade to it if they own the base game. However, the blub that was posted alongside the behind-the-scenes video does say that "this may very well be the last time that you will get to see Max and Chloe together".

The bonus episode will be available to Deluxe Edition owners so be sure to check it out. However, Burch has been involved with developer Deck Nine's writing team for the prequel series.

Before the Storm (whose third and final main episode is expected later this month) has instead starred Rhianna DeVrie as Chloe, in a performance which has fought off all scepticism surrounding the switch. 'We are forever thankful to Rhianna for the work she has put into Before the Storm and she will continue to work with us for the motion capture of young Chloe in Farewell'.

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