Kelly Clarkson reveals her home was robbed, but "everyone is safe"

Selena Gomez accepts the Woman of the Year award as presenter Elle Fanning looks on at the Billboard Women in Music awards in Los Angeles

"I followed her on Instagram for so long and just watched her be hilarious and really be herself".

Before Kehlani accepted her "Rule Breaker" award at Billboard's Women in Music 2017, she was warmly introduced by Nick Cannon and a video in which G-Eazy said, "She'll break every rule and change the world because of it".

"We have a jam on her album, it's so good." she said on the pink carpet.

When Extra's Renee Bargh commented on how happy Kelly looked, she responded, "Other than we got robbed last night..." "Even in that scenario we weren't in the house, which is a blessing".

Singer Grace Vander Waal accepts the Rising Star award from model Heidi Klum at the Billboard Women in Music awards in Los Angeles
Solange announces it's a 'new day' for women in music as she's honoured for her impact on the industry

Solange Knowles announced it's a "new goddamn day" for women in the music industry as she picked up the Impact Award at the Billboard Women In Music Awards.

She said burglars got away with "materialistic things we didn't care about...the guy was in our kids' room, so that was a little weird".

The 35-year-old was also asked what the term "powerhouse" meant to her, to which she replied with a laugh, "I guess it's someone who walks into a room and, like them or hate them, they're here!"

The "Already Won" singer was given the award by her "guardian angel" Nick Cannon where the singer told the crowd "he's literally the reason I'm here right now". We've got to start respecting each other first and not with the beef...

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