Aaron Boone Walks into Perfect Job as Next New York Yankees Manager

Aaron Boone on Sunday Night Baseball

NEW YORK (AP) - The Yankees have picked ESPN broadcaster Aaron Boone to succeed Joe Girardi as manager, a person familiar with New York's decision told The Associated Press.

The Yankees have not officially announced the hiring, but sources such as ESPN's Buster Olney have confimed Boone will be the new skipper in the Bronx.

Boone and Giants bench coach Hensley Meulins were said to be the two finalists for the job, but Giants beat writer Henry Schulman reported Meulins would not be leaving San Francisco. Steinbrenner said he was unlikely to hire anyone without managerial experience, so Aaron must have impressed the hell of out him during his interviews!

"I find myself managing games all the time and thinking about strategies and how I would handle different situations", Boone said. "And then growing up where my dad was in the big leagues from the time I was born to the time I was in a senior in high school and being around great teams, great players, I've kind of lived this game as a kid", he said.

Still, it's a risk to turn over the most famous baseball team in the world, one that came within one game of reaching the World Series in 2017, to someone so untested.

With reigning AL home run king Aaron Judge, power-hitting catcher Gary Sanchez, ace Luis Severino, a top-notch bullpen and ascendant young infielder Gleyber Torres all at his disposal, Boone should have the resources necessary to morph the Yankees into a perennial powerhouse once he gets acclimated to life on the bench.

But it began with a tough phone call from Boone to general manager Brian Cashman, having to explain how he'd just violated standard terms of his new one-year, $5.75 million contract by playing hoops that day, suffering what turned out to be a season-ending injury.

"Obviously, experience is very valuable and should be a check mark for somebody", Boone said.

Boone's grandfather, Ray, father, Bob, and brother, Bret, all played in the Majors, and his father managed the Reds (1995-97) and Royals (2001-03).

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs. "I think that's something that many of us relish in - the opportunity to have something on the line and a lot at stake is, I think, something that makes you want to go after it". "He never expressed interest in any way, shape or form in it". Beltran has only been retired a few weeks but I think not being out of the game too long would have benefitted him and the Yankees.

But Aaron Boone is getting the New York Yankees managing job as his first time job.

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