Shohei Ohtani meeting with Major League Baseball teams next week

Shohei Ohtani meeting with Major League Baseball teams next week

And though that sure was exciting, it's not what had everyone in a tizzy. The previous agreement had a flat posting fee of $20 million, and any team that was willing to pay that fee could negotiate with the posted player during the 30-day window. However, it does not go into effect until November 1, 2018. (For minor league contracts of "Foreign Professionals" that contain Major League terms, a supplemental release fee will be owed at the player is added to the 25 man roster).

In addition, MLB said Kazuhisa Makita, a 33-year-old right-hander on the Pacific League's Seibu Lions, will be posted by December 31. The fee will be 20 percent of the first $25 million of a major league contract and the percentage drops to 17.5 percent of the next $25 million and 15 percent of any amount over $50 million. Under it, the fee paid to a player's former Japanese team will change.'s Jon Morosi reports that executives around baseball believe Ohtani would rather sign with a team that does not now have a Japanese player on it.

Ohtani's agent, Nez Balelo, sent a questionnaire to all 30 Major League Baseball teams last week asking about how the young star might fit their team and their city, the quality of their facilities, and their preferences on how to balance Ohtani's hitting and pitching duties.

Neither Ohtani or his team will be subject to the new posting system, as the recently expired system was extended a year.

All 30 teams could potentially be in the mix, since global signing caps significantly limit the price of the 23-year-old.

Now it's all up to Ohtani.

General manager Rick Hahn quoted a couple of history's greatest philosophers when describing the White Sox's presentation to prized Japanese free agent Shohei Ohtani.

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