Google launches Datally app to help Android users manage data consumption

What is Datally Google’s new mobile data-saving app all about

Most users rated it as 3/10 which is definitely a downer considering that other apps of its kind are getting 8/10.

Datally, the new service lists data consumption by app and enables users to shut off data transmissions by apps of their choosing, Google group product manager Josh Woodward told Reuters in an interview. The app can be considered a one-stop shop for all financial information that you may need. You can control and limit data on relevant apps without compromising performance.

From there, you can press the "Manage" button and completely block background data usage by that app if you feel that it is hogging all your precious network resources. You can also agree to help Datally improve your experience with the app by sending your app usage data and SMS to and from your mobile operator to Google. Datally requires regular monitoring by users, which can be annoying, but for users who are on slower mobile networks or have limited data cap, it can be helpful.

The app claims to help users solve one of the biggest pains for smartphone users around the world - worries about data usage.

Advertisements have become the norm when you look at the lock screen of your smartphone.

The app provides graphs to break down the bigger picture, so users can see how they're using their data and which apps are causing trouble. In fact, the app has already been use in Philippines since summer where it has gone for more than 500,000 downloads and helped save 30 percent data on average.

The Datally app takes about 6MB of space, so it's easy on your phone's storage. Additionally, you can also suggest your connected network to Datally. Having a separate app would help you in setting up restrictions for data usage as well. It also gives an option to see the number of apps that don't access mobile data.

The other highlight of the app is bubbles feature.

This app, called Datally, allows users to track their data usage in real time, and get personalised recommendations on saving data along with notifications of public Wi-Fi spots available nearby.

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