Microsoft Edge on Android now over 500K installs, more regions added

Microsoft Edge on Android now over 500K installs, more regions added

Last month, Microsoft brought a beta version of its Edge browser to iOS and Android, with the promise of greater interoperability with your PC.

"A special thanks you goes out to each of you-hundreds of thousands of you-who downloaded, test-drove, and sent feedback on the preview apps", Microsoft's Joe Belfiore writes.

In addition to the original features in the preview release, such as Continue on PC and favorites, reading list, history, and books synchronization, the Release version also includes the Roaming Passwords and Dark theme features.

Anyway, Microsoft is saying that Edge for Android is available in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, India, and the UK.

The big draw for Edge is that the app allows users to work seamlessly between Windows 10 devices and their smartphones with a Continue on PC feature, which jumps between mobile and desktop browsing. The latest updates recently added a lot of new features to the Microsoft Edge and also improved the overall performance.

Some users will have to wait a while before the Edge app arrives in their region, however. We look forward to bringing MS Edge for iOS and Android to additional markets and languages over time!

iPhone and iPad owners can now use Microsoft's Edge mobile browser on their devices. Codenamed Quantum, the browser features a minimalist interface, an intelligent address bar and snappier performance. The browser is light on resources and is quite swift when rendering pages. Firefox 57 also prioritizes the tab that is now is use, preventing system slowdowns when several browser tabs remain open in the background.

More information on the new developer tools is available here.

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