YouTube Reels explained: How the Snapchat Stories-like tool works

YouTube Reels is the platform’s own version of Stories

In fact, YouTube even labeled the addition its "own spin on the popular "stories" format".

YouTube is describing Reels as approach to make the connection between creators and fans much better.

YouTube giving into the Stories trend comes alongside the hire of Todd Sherman, who previously worked as lead product manager on Snapchat's trend-setting version of the feature. But it disappear after 24 hours. However, once available as an everyday feature, YouTube creators will be able to create their own Reels that don't expire. And YouTube creators will be able to make multiple Reels and store multiple videos in each one, so they can basically make a plethora of short videos about a camping trip and label that Reel as such.

Some people will likely bemoan the idea of Reels invading the YouTube experience. However, according to TechCrunch, to make a Reel, you shoot "a few quick mobile videos of up to 30 seconds each", then you can fancy them up with filters, music, and text, and after that, you can pick a Reel to add them to - whether that be a new one or existing one. We're also bringing creator-focused features like linking to YouTube videos and YouTube-y stickers. The stories however, will not appear at the top of the home feed page like Instagram. The feature is now in testing but could give users a new way to shove out more personal and informal content to its audience. It will instead have its own tab within a creator's channel. Currently, Reels is being tested in a small group of the creators and the company hasn't revealed any date for its final roll out.

This is another feature that will require beta testing, which YouTube is doing right now with a select number of creators. We've also optimized our notifications so that your fans are eligible to receive them, but they won't necessarily get a new notification for every new Community post.

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