Google Has Released A Mobile Data Saving App

Google Has Released A Mobile Data Saving App

Google's new Datally app offers Android users a simple way to see how much data each app is using and control ones that use too much. Tap that option and you will find individual apps which you can block or control it from using mobile data.

Datally informs you about public WiFi networks on top of that and helps you locate those to use WiFi instead of mobile data.

Google says it tested the app in the Philippines for the past few months and that has helped users saving up to 30 per cent on their data. The new avatar of the same app is now available to download on the Play Store.

Google added a Data Saver feature to Datally that utilizes public wireless networks. At the bottom, the app also shows you the number of apps for which mobile data is blocked.

When you click on Manage Data, you get a graph of your data usage pattern throughout the day, in a graphical form. So Datally as a standalone app, it'll also be much easier for people to find and control their data usage.

Datally lets you easily track your data to understand which apps are wasting the most data. The app was launched in beta form in limited markets, which included the Philippines where the company found out that it helped users save nearly 30 percent off their mobile data usage. Firstly, it acts as a data monitor letting you know your usage on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. And what's worse, it's hard to figure out where it all goes.

Back in June, Google quietly launched an app called "Triangle", created to conserve mobile data.

Datally is part of offering Google's Next Billion Users division, which is focused on making internet services more accessible in countries that have limited technology infrastructure. Keeping the storage management in mind, Datally is as tiny as 6MB.

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