Shocking! Four-year-old boy booked for sexually assaulting his classmate

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"The IPC provides children below seven years of age certain protections against prosecutions. When she returned home, she kept drawing my attention to her pain and injury to her private parts", the girl's mother told HT on phone on Thursday.

According to the mother, the child told her that a boy from her class opened her trousers and touched her undergarments. According to first information report (FIR) the mother stated, the girl complained of pain in her lower abdomen but the mother ignored it thinking it was "one of her tantrums".

After the doctors at Rockland Hospital examined the victim and confirmed it to be a case of sexual assault, the parents lodged a complaint at the Dwarka Police Station. She also said the boy "sharpened his pencil and put it in too". "She says she wants to eat a lot of food so that she can grow strong and beat up anyone who tries to hurt her in the future", the mother said.The girl, who is on way to physical recovery, has not been opening up with outsiders, the mother added.

According to the police, the minor victim was sexually assaulted by her classmate in the school's classroom as well as the bathroom in the absence of staff.

In the complaint, the mother also said, "I spoke to the principal as she had not bothered to answer my call or respond to my mail". "She tried pushing him [awa], but could not get away as other children had left and there was no staff around", the mother's FIR report said.

However, the school authorities denied the allegations of negligence and non-cooperation in the complaint filed by the mother.

The mother of the victim is demanding action against school for dereliction of duties but no case of criminal negligence has been registered against the school so far.

She claims that she was probably assaulted twice, once in the classroom and next in the washroom.

Dr Samir Parikh, Fortis Healthcare's department of mental health and behavioural sciences Director speaking on the case said, "We must understand that it is absolutely not possible for a four-year-old to understand sexual behaviour".

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