Google Assistant now lets you broadcast messages across all your Home speakers

Google Assistant now lets you broadcast messages across all your Home speakers

Of course, this will only work if all your devices are signed into the same Google Account.

With the Google Assistant integration, ecobee customers can now use the Assistant on their phones and Google Home to make everyday tasks simpler and more convenient.

Earlier this year, Amazon rolled out the ability to it's Alexa assistant to use their speakers as a way of communicating around your home, in the form of an intercom system. This is a handy feature and allows you to let other family members know it's time for dinner, notify them that the laundry is done, or whatever message you need to pass along. Just use Google Assistant on your smartphone to send messages to a Google Assistant-enabled device. That said the wait is now over and anyone who may have held off on a device like the Google Home or an ecobee thermostat can confidently purchase either or both knowing that they will work together. Initially, it's available only in English and to residents in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

To activate the feature, a user can say "OK Google, broadcast" followed by the desired announcement. The trigger word or phrase is "Ok Google, broadcast..." and then you can go from there.

Google aims to make it easier to get families to the dinner table and kids to school with a new Google Assistant broadcast feature, announced today in a blog post. Say, for example, you're leaving office for home and want to notify your spouse. Users belonging to the countries of Australia, U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom can make the most of this feature. The support for more languages will be added soon.

I haven't seen the update yet on any of the three Google Home units in the house, even the Google Mini that was recently brought home, so this could be a phased update.

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