Introducing the PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle

Sony reveals Skyrim PSVR bundle to release in November

Skyrim VR Is getting a hardware bundle for its 17th November release. You'll also get an updated version of the PS VR demo disc, that has demos from 13 other PlayStation VR titles. It makes sense, then, that Sony is bundling the game with new headsets. The prophesied hero, Dragonborn, can harness the power of dragons using The Voice; they are the only one who can stand among them, and use their power. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's stellar reputation hardly needs an introduction, as the title has won more than 200 game of the year awards in its time.

The Skyrim PSVR bundle launches in the United States and Canada on the same day as the game's launch, November 17th, for $449.99 USD/$579.99 CAD.

The full "Skyrim" game, with its add-ons, in Virtual Reality. Your quest is to defeat Alduin while traveling the large map that is the province of Skyrim, and exploring the expanses of land that are readily available for you to discover. You can take a look at the packaging below. The controllers can also be customised to the player's movement to switch between standard moving options, and the trickier teleportation mechanic that was later added. The new bundle will launch later this month, on November 17th.

These include an integrated stereo headset and an HDR-passthrough unit which will allow users to watch HDR-compatible content via their PS4 on TV without having to disconnect the external Processor Unit between the PS4 and TV.

While the Skyrim VR bundle may be a right proper deal for people with disposal income and $450 to blow just for the sake of it, I still think VR is a long ways away from being a worthwhile consumer endeavor. What are you most excited for?

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