Hours after losing unborn child, National Football League player scores emotional touchdown

New York Giants strong safety Landon Collins tackles Los Angeles Rams running back Malcolm Brown an NFL game on Sunday Nov. 5 2017 in East Rutherford N.J

The 49ers achieved a 31-21 win against the Giants on Sunday, giving them their first win of the season and moving them to a 1-9 record. "I have so much respect for him, to come out here and still play, with the hurt that he had in his heart, and to ball out".

Marquise Goodwin ran the ball 83 yards into the end zone, fell to his knees in prayer and was consoled by his teammates during the emotional celebration.

The thrill of catching a touchdown pass is enough to elicit strong emotions on its own. The 49ers wide receivers crossed the end zone hours after he and his wife lost their baby.

Following the game, the 26-year-old National Football League receiver took to Instagram to share with fans that he and his wife, Morgan Goodwin-Snow, lost a child, shortly after being born prematurely, due to complications with the birth. Goodwin shared the sad news on his Instagram account, with an image of his son's small hand holding the father's finger.

Goodwin-Snow congratulated her husband for his victory and awe-inspiring touchdown catch.

In a devastating Instagram post with a picture of the baby's hand holding a finger, Goodwin wrote that his wife gave birth to the boy prematurely after a hard pregnancy.

"Despite our loss, my hubby kept grinding, scored his son a touchdown & got our first "W" of the season", she added. Meanwhile, thousands of viewers at home were unaware of the story behind Goodwin's display.

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