Delhi government does not file review petition in NGT on odd-even ruling

Delhi Pollution LIVE Green Court NGT Hearing On Delhi Government's Odd Even Rule To Curb Smog

The Aam Aadmi Party government had said that they will file a review petition in front of the National Green Tribunal over the odd-even policy, however, the NGT on Monday told media outlets that the Delhi government had not filed any review petition on the policy.

The local government in Indian capital of New Delhi on Saturday cancelled its plan to implement odd-even vehicle rationing formula from Monday aimed at reducing the blanket of smog enveloping the city and outskirts, officials said.

The court told the government the odd-even formula should come into effect every time the particulate matter (PM) 10 exceeds the level of 500 and PM 2.5 rises above 300.

The green panel rapped the AAP government for claiming that the decision of rolling out the car-rationing scheme was undertaken following the guidelines of the Environmental Pollution Control Authority (EPCA).

Should you violate the rules for the odd-even scheme, you will be fined ₹ 2,000.

The AAP government also said that exemptions are also crucial for women's safety.

Under the arrangement, private cars with odd registration numbers are allowed to run on odd dates while even-numbered cars will ply on even dates.

Manoj Tiwari, the president of Delhi BJP, said that air pollution levels in the city are 4-7 times higher than the normal posing serious health hazard to the people.

It permitted the operation of industries which are providing essential services and goods like food items and medical facilities.

Meanwhile, the National Green Tribunal slammed the Delhi government over a review petition on the Odd-Even scheme and asked whether the statement was just for media or the cabinet plans to move the applications. It is empowering to a woman, and neither the NGT nor the Delhi government has any business taking it away from us.

Twitter users in the smog-choked Indian capital Delhi have criticised the re-introduction of auto rationing as a "tokenistic" effort to curb pollution.

Air pollution is a leading cause of premature death in India. The smog situation in the National Capital has been deteriorating for nearly past one week. She also added that Kejriwal government had not even thought that it was necessary to make alternative arrangements to keep a back up plan ready if things don't go as planned with the odd even.

Earlier the NGT had also announced that until Monday all the schools will be shut down and there will be a ban on trucks carrying construction material and on construcion sites until next notice. Pollution in Delhi gets aggravated during winter months.

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