Apartment floor collapses, sending college students to floor below

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A party came to an abrupt end Sunday morning in Texas after the floor full of party-goers collapsed underneath them into the apartment below. He says the party got out of control and there were people in his apartment he didn't know.

The incident was caught on video from multiple angles from the apartment near the University of North Texas in Denton, near Dallas. At least six people had injuries, Denton police said, and no one had to be transported by ambulance.

Exactly four minutes after Castro and one of her roomates arrived at the police department, the fire department received an alert that fire alarms were going off at the apartments, according to time logs provided by the police department.

Local firefighters believe the floor collapsed because of too much jumping.

A video shows students celebrating inside an apartment, jumping up and down to the music.

Carroll says she and her roommates have complained about the loud and large parties over the past three months."This happens nearly every weekend", she said.

"We talked with the property owner - the fire marshal met with one of their building contractors yesterday".

Carroll told the station she's called the cops on her upstairs neighbors' parties before. "Everything you need for college is gone".

Denton Police are working to confirm the previous noise complaints. They were at the police department reporting the party.

"The university is here to help any of our students who may have been impacted", university officials said. At least 50 residents in the complex have now been forced to relocate while the building is assessed for water and structural damage.

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