Irate women brawl with McDonald's drive-thru employee over missing McNuggets

Women assaulted manager at Indianapolis McDonald’s because they wanted chicken Mc Nuggets

Two women climbed through a McDonalds drive-thru window and attacked an employee after they were unhappy with the time it was taking to get their McNuggets. "Then I started recording, because I knew this was going to be an important video", she told the Indianapolis Star. Apparently they believed they had ordered ten, but had really only ordered four. "I thought they were robbing, at first, I thought they were robbing the McDonald's there", she said.

McNeely and her daughter were in IN for a band competition, and she says that at some moments, she was a bit afraid, telling the Star, "I was anxious that they were going to see me".

In the clip she filmed, one of the girls can be seen with her head pushed out the drive-thru window by the McDonald's server, throwing punches at somebody inside the restaurant. "There was a point where I knew they saw me, but then they just got back in their vehicle and drove off".

Captured on a phone by another customer, the women can be seen climbing out of the window and screaming at staff before driving off.

But when the women asked to put in a new order for nuggets, and the manager told them they had to go to the back of the line and wait their turn, they were clearly not happy, the report said. McNeely said she did get a shot of the car's license plate, which she turned over to managers and police.

Thankfully, the manager escaped the incident unscathed, but the women did manage to knock over a pot of tea and break the tablet register.

Police said they are still investigating the incident.

Managers at the store declined to comment, but some people in the area said they were not surprised about the altercation.

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