Trump vows support to Japan against North Korea

GettyMelania and Donald Trump threw flowers into the Pearl Harbour sunken battleship waters

The president was already ahead of Abe on the course, chatting with Hideki Matsuyama, now the No. 4 ranked pro golfer in the world, who joined the two world leaders on the links.

The presidential-level ineptitude was seemingly apparent in a multitude of meme's showing Trump pouring the lion's share of his allocated fish food into a koi pond in a single swoop, rather than delicately spooning it into the pond, like his host, Japan leader Shinzo Abe did. He served Trump a lot of delicious food but in return all he got was being forced to promise to buy more weapons, ' wrote @iampeppar on Twitter. And you call this best friend LOL?'

At an afternoon news conference with Abe in Tokyo, Trump declared, "the era of strategic patience is over", and promised to counter "the risky aggressions" of the country led by Kim Jong-un, who the president has repeatedly called "Rocket Man". Abe offered Trump a golf club and Trump reciprocated with a golf shirt and other goods.

A Japanese TV channel sent a helicopter to capture Trump and Abe hit the links, according to the Washington Post.

He also downplayed the potentially contentious nature of the negotiations, though the Japanese government has not shown much appetite for striking a new bilateral trade agreement.

"Playing golf with Prime Minister Abe and Hideki Matsuyama, two wonderful people!" "A round of golf with a marvelous friend (President Donald J. Trump), full of spirited conversation".

The 71-year-old Trump said the length of the trip would not be an issue for him.

A senior USA official said the men did not keep score of the friendly game. "So I saw him and it worked out just fine", Trump recalled, saying, from that moment on, they'd been close. He said the multinational agreement was not the right deal for the United States and that while "probably some of you in this room disagree ... ultimately I'll be proven to be right".

President Donald Trump is on his 12-day trip to Asian countries, which includes stops in South Korea, Vietnam, China and the Philippines after a visit to Japan.

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