Twitter now gives you 50 characters for your display name

Twitter now gives you 50 characters for your display name

Twitter found that people with the expanded character limit spent less time editing their tweets. As of yesterday, everyone has it. For the company, the goal was to make expression in a tweet possible while ensuring they kept the speed and brevity that made Twitter, Twitter. Previously, it was set to the 140-character limit.

The Yankees aren't unsure about how to use the extra space.

Last night, the social media giant announced that it would be extended the 280-character privilege to all users using the English alphabet, and many accounts immediately put their newfound powers to good use.

Five hours later, she quoted a tweet with more than 280 characters when a Twitter user insulted her cooking skills.

In September, the social media site tested the new character limit with some select users, namely high-profile accounts. That'll give you enough room to saturate your name with emoji, or just let you set your display name to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - an opportunity I quickly took advantage of.

"We're expanding the character limit!" Meant to also allow users more freedom of expression, the change wasn't exactly well-received by most users. When they made the 280-character rollout, they had a long, nearly scientific explanation as to why they were doing so (although not everyone really bought it).

People can now add their middle name or emojis to go along with it.

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