Xbox One X setup guide : 10 simple steps

The Evil Within 2 update 1.02

The supercharged Xbox One X has finally hit shelves, and while it might be some time until we get any official sales figures, industry analyst IHS Markit believes the console might exceed expectations. It was good that Square Enix had got their monstrous Frankenstein's Monster of a video game up and running on two consoles at all, but the Xbox version really did look quite a bit worse, from aggressive dithering around hair down to a lower resolution and just jaggier, worse-quality visuals. Forza Motorsport 7 and Halo 5: Guardians and ARK: Survival Evolved are already available for Xbox One (and PC, in Forza's case, whole ARK is also both on PC and PS4).

Are you experiencing these delays?

Next, sign-in to the new Xbox One X and navigate to the same location: Settings Network Network transfer. If you haven't got a 4K television by now, chances are you weren't waiting to spend hundreds of additional dollars just once the Xbox One X was released. But if you already own an Xbox One, and aren't studying frame rates closely, you should wait and see where Microsoft will head in the future.

But on the flip side, once the One X downloaded an update, we connected the drive to the One X, it pulled our profile data, our saved games, and everything else and set them up. Plus, it caters to home theater enthusiasts with 4K ultra-HD Blu-ray playback and Atmos sound.

He says it shouldn't alienate current Xbox owners who won't have to upgrade if they don't want too.

4K, on the other hand, came with more obvious reasons to be excited.

If you want to play online games you will need to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold.

If you are upgrading from an Xbox One S to an Xbox One X, you can simply remove the One S and use the exact same cables for the new console. The true 4K console performed well above expectations, and recently Director of Research of IHS Markit Piers Harding-Rolls recently stated that they were doubling their initial forecast for Xbox One X. Of these, 220 will be exclusive to Xbox One X. It's a good strategy.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton's Third Law). Move to the second Xbox and go to Settings - Network - Network transfer, and BANG!

Sales of the more expensive Xbox One X console will also help mitigate the fall in Xbox One S hardware average sales price which in recent fiscal quarters has undermined the positive impact felt by Microsoft of increased revenues from software and services.

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