Google launches Files Go Beta for offline sharing and file management

Google launches Files Go Beta for offline sharing and file management

Talking about the Files Go app, it's a simple file manager that aims to help you take care of the files stored on your phone and tell you about which files are taking up most of the space.

The app has now been removed by Google, but Reddit users, dextersgenius, who downloaded it explained what happened.

As you dive into the various sections, you can then filter the files by source for easier discovery, access, or deletion.

That said, the app isn't a full-fledged file manager. In fact, according to Netflix: "If you leave the testing program and a public version of the app is available, you can switch to public version by uninstalling the testing version and installing the app again on Google Play". This app is both a storage management app and a way you can quickly transfer files using a wireless option.

Here, the Storage tab, left, shows a device with 8GB of internal storage and displays how much capacity has been used. You also will notice you can clean the app cache from here and also remove media that you recorded.

A big part of Android Go is a focus on slimmer, less data-hungry apps that'll work on a wider variety of hardware, including the less expensive and less advanced devices that are popular in countries around the world. To send a file, the user needs to ask the friend to open the app and tap on a Receive button.

Files Go, the secret file manager app of Google's that was discovered earlier in the week, is now available for download on Google Play.

We've downloaded the app and tested it. Called Files Go, the app apparently can transfer files between devices wirelessly without an internet connection. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggled on two devices, files can be transferred effortlessly. It will compile the list from the last month of apps that you have used and not used. To help in this situation, Google has introduced an app.

Essentially, Google has chose to capitalize on the interest in the new app, thanks to its exposure through media coverage.

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