Australian senator Sam Dastyari taunted as 'monkey' in Melbourne bar

The Labor senator was at Victoria University buying drinks when the men ambushed him

In a video - posted to Patriot Blue's Facebook page last night - showed the senator being heckled by a group of men, with one calling him a "terrorist" and a "monkey" within seconds of approaching him.

Mr Dastyari responded to the incident in a Facebook video posted later that evening, in which he laments being repeatedly harassed by white nationalists he says have been empowered by Ms Hanson's political rhetoric. But the One Nation leader dismissed his comments.

"I call him "Mr Bean" because that's exactly what he looks like, a little Mr Bean".

"We are the most successful multicultural society in the world and that is because it's built, our society is built, on a foundation of mutual respect and so we should have zero tolerance for racism and racial, racist abuse like that", he said.

"But, you know, what is this country coming to when you can't go out and have a meal without being abused by idiots and by racist idiots?" he asked.

"I think he's playing the victim a little bit". He told the men that he thought they were a bunch of racists and they were only embarrassing themselves.

"Sam's a strong bloke, he's got a thick skin, he's been in politics for a long time", Mr Erikson told ABC radio on Thursday.

'He labels anyone who he disagrees with as rednecks which itself is a racist term, ' Mr Erikson told Daily Mail Australia.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said Senator Dastyari kept his cool.

"I'm not going to bother with you guys".

He doubled down on his views online, taking to Facebook to write: 'An Iranian-born senator calls me a racist I'm gonna call him a terrorist - fairs fair'.

Patriot Blue founder Neil Erikson filmed the confrontation on Wednesday night as Senator Dastyari was preparing to speak about his new book, One Halal of Story, with local federal Labor member Tim Watts.

A woman sitting at the Senator's table interrupts at one point to ask if the men, one of whom is wearing a high-visibility work shirt, are employed by transport company TOLL.

Senator Dastyari said he's considering a legal response to the incident, which may have infringed race discrimination laws.

A Toll spokesperson told AAP the actions in the video "in no way reflect our beliefs and values as a company".

Mr Erikson said he was trying to "draw attention to (Dastyari's) dual citizenship".

He was convicted in 2014 after pleading guilty for stalking a Melbourne rabbi.

He's appealing a 2017 conviction for beheading a dummy outside a council office in protest at a proposal to build a mosque in Bendigo. "If he wants to go for Toll and try and hurt me financially he can go for it". "I believe that everyone has a right to freedom of speech".

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