Niantic's Next Game Is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Interactive Entertainment are teaming up to develop Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an augmented reality mobile game inspired by Rowling's Wizarding World.

The game itself is reportedly called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and it's being made both by Warner Bros. The two companies revealed that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be an augmented reality game coming to your mobile!

There is now no release date or launch window given, but there is an official website live that you can visit right here. It plans on hitting the Harry Potter generation with Harry Potter AR game! TechCrunch said Niantic is building the game so that it's similar to Pokémon Go (in that it will draw from the location database originally built up by the Niantic game Ingress). This mobile game will encourage players to explore their surroundings in order to learn spells they can cast, encounter Fantastic Beasts, uncover magical artifacts and meet familiar faces along the way.

I'm excited to see what Niantic will bring us with Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and I know it will likely not be at all like I described above. Interactive and Portkey Games (a studio responsible for Harry Potter games). If you catch the AR snitch though you win the match because we've gotta get that in there somewhere. "The incentives it created for exploration, exercise, and real-world social interaction helped spawn a global community of fans, united by their shared experience, and laid the foundations for Niantic's real-world AR gaming platform", he wrote. Since they have seemingly perfected the genre of capturing creatures, why not adapt Harry Potter into a similar experience next?

Interested fans can sign up at the game's official website for further updates, which should come in 2018.

"With our previous game Ingress we were very communicative with players, and very open".

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