Love ranch? Hidden Valley offers kegs for the holidays!


But the keg isn't all, they have a whole holiday collection.

At 9.7 inches tall and a diameter of 6.3 inches, the keg boasts is stackable and holds up to 5 liters of the popular salad dressing. On their site it says the keg is lined with a special FDA approved coating, keeping it tasting fresh until it's gone.

Not only does $50 score you a Hidden Valley keg, but it also comes with a year-supply of their beloved ranch dressing.

Hidden Valley has announced a line of holiday gifts.

Each keg will cost $50 are now available for pre-order, with shipping beginning on December 11 - right in time for Christmas, New Years and the NFL Playoffs.

A food web store called Flavour Gallery is selling a keg of ranch dressing. From ornaments to slippers and ugly sweaters, you can complete your holiday shopping in just a few clicks.

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