Google Search and Maps Now Show You Estimated Wait Times at Restaurants

Google is already showing a lot of information about businesses, from the basics like opening hours through to what their busiest times are.

Coming soon, Google Search and Google Maps will show estimated wait times for almost a million sit-down restaurants across the world, the company announced today. This isn't for restaurants requiring reservations, but the walk-in restaurants.

According to the Huffington Post, Google hopes to have the wait times ready for most grocery stores by Thanksgiving, so you can plan your turkey purchasing accordingly.

Details are available in the Search app now, pulling up times for almost a million sit-down restaurants.

Google says that you should start seeing this new addition show up for "nearly a million" sit-down restaurants around the globe. The instant insight into wait times is part of a growing trend since Yelp and Nowait partnered earlier this year to deliver similar information. You can also plan ahead by tapping on any of the hour bars to see an estimated wait for that time period, and can scroll left and right to see a summary of the day's total waiting times.

The data has been aggregated from historical anonymised data, making it fairly accurate but it's not a 100% guarantee.

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