Amazon CEO commemorates opening of giant wind farm in a smashing way

Sleek white wind turbines 25 stories tall rise from the plains of West Texas in Big Spring. Texas is one of the windiest states in the nation and the Panhandle and West Texas are the state's windiest regions

This is the 18th wind or solar project the company has launched around the United States-and it says more are on the way.

Corporations have agreed to buy 1.9 gigawatts of clean power in the US this year, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, and are on pace to match the 2.6 gigawatts signed last year.

Amazon estimates that their clean energy projects generate hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars to the communities that house them.

The new West Texas wind farm is the eighteenth for Amazon, and the online retail giant has 35 more wind operations in the works. The company built more than 100 wind turbines in the Texas location.

"Investing in renewable energy is a win-win-win-win - it's right for our customers, our communities, our business and our planet", Amazon's Worldwide Director of Sustainability Kara Hurst said in a statement.

The company develops wind and solar projects that will be operated by the company.

According to Forbes, the company's latest renewable energy project, which has been built and is owned by Lincoln Clean Energy, secured tax equity from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and GE Energy Financial Services, largely because Amazon is purchasing 90 per cent of its power output. We'd like to thank the leaders at LCE, the Scurry County community, and our partners across the country who are helping us continue to bring new renewable energy online. Experts have long argued that co-locating different forms of renewables generation and storage can help deliver a more stable and consistent power supply to the grid. "Corporations like Amazon have become a major force in the transition to renewable power, and with their involvement, we look forward to producing power in Scurry County for years to come", said Declan Flanagan, founder, and CEO of LCE.

Amazon has expressed a goal of eventually running the company's entire operation on sustainable energy.

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